Nike Management Report

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nike – Management Report


Degree Programme

School of Engineering and Science
University of the West of Scotland

December 2011

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1.0 Introduction
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2.0 Organisation Structure
2.1 Brief History
2.2 Sources of revenue streams
2.3 Recent Developments
2.4 Presents Standing
Page 8
3.0 SWOT Analysis
3.1 Strengths
3.2 Weakness
3.3 Opportunities
3.4 Threats
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4.0 PEST Analysis
4.1 Political
4.2 Economic
4.3 Sociological
4.4 Technology
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5.0 Market Segmentation
5.1 The Customers
5.2 Consumer Behavior

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6.0 Marketing Activity
6.1 Products
6.2 Place
6.3 Promotion
6.4 Price
6.5 Branding and Brand Equity

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7.0 The Future
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8.0 References

Figure 1
Page 7 - Athletic footwear – Global Market Shares

Table 1
Page 14 - Social classes

1.0 Introduction

Nike is a major publicly traded sportswear and equipment supplier based in the United States, Nike is not only known as just a sportswear industry but, also an industry which invests heavily in marketing sports. Nike is an industry that was founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight (Nike Inc. 2011). It is fair to say that from where Nike started from, selling shoes from the boot of a car to now being one of the leading world businesses is truly a great achievement to what the industry is today. In order for Nike to be as successful as it is now, it was vital they had a Marketing Strategy. A marketing strategy is a strategy that integrates an organization's marketing goals into a cohesive whole (Shank. 2009).

This report will discuss the following; Nike’s marketing plan, an environment analysis, its market segmentation, and its market activity of Nike and briefly the future of Nike. Every year Nike spends 100’s of millions on marketing, researching and developing their product knowing fine well that there would be an increase in sales and revenue year in year out. Such a success would not be possible without a marketing strategy or plan and the dedicated employees that work within the industry to meet the companies’ aims and targets to see the industry grow and progress.

Over the years Nike has grown a reputation that brings in millions of dollars of sales through loyal consumers sticking with Nike as a product. The industry takes pride in the production of the highest quality products available for all ends of the market. This reputation allows the loyal consumers to stay loyal to Nike knowing when buying a product, they are purchasing quality. A reputation such as this was not built over night, therefore this report will discuss how a company like Nike became a world leading business earning millions of dollars has been successful through an outstanding marking plan.

2.0 Organisation Structure

2.1 Brief History

Nike is a world business leading Sportswear Company based in the United States of America. It was founded in 1962 as Blue Ribbon Sports by two men known as Bill Bowerman and Phillip Knight. Bill Bowerman was a track and field athletics coach at the University of Oregon, while Phillip Knight was his former students (Nike Inc. 2011). Bill Bowerman and Phil Knights search for different goals is what led to starting the Blue Ribbon Sports, Bowerman believed that there was a direct connection between equipment and athletic performance, he handcraft shoes for his runners at the Oregon University. Bowerman wanted to produce lighter and more durable shoes for his runners while Knight just wanted to make a living through what he loved doing, Athletics (Nike Inc. 2011).

Nike began as a small distributing outfit from the trunk of Philips Knight’s car. The beginning of Nike from the trunk of Phillips Knight was unpromising beginnings but now has become one of the leading businesses in the Sportswear...
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