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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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Our research paper describes the organizational culture of the gaming industry giant: Nintendo. By providing a brief background of Nintendo’s uprising into the video game era, we examine their corporate culture, and general theory of action, to identify how this company has reached its status and how its culture has affected the job performance and commitment of its employees. In order to better understand the cultural components of Nintendo we viewed the official Nintendo Website, online interviews from former employees, related articles, and referred Organizational Behavior by Colquitt and Management Communication by Moshiri. The Nintendo mission statement essentially states that employees are always committed to high-quality products and services with a customer-oriented mindset. Nintendo’s cultural values include collectivism, team-work orientation, and masculinity. Nintendo’s “Blue Ocean” strategy pursues innovation and a creative mindset to reach niche markets in the gaming industry that no other competitor has created. One setback to Nintendo’s organizational structure is the cultural differences between the high context culture of Japan and the lower context culture of America. Japan’s practices, may seem extreme to the employees at Nintendo of America, and the strong sense of hierarchy that exists in Japan can hinder creativeness. However, according to interviews from former employees that enjoyed and highly praised Nintendo’s work environment say that the only drawback was the pay satisfaction. In conclusion, our own team collaboration on this Nintendo project was fairly smooth for being a virtual team, and there were no major conflicts that needed to be addressed. We each worked with our specific strengths to complete the tasks in a timely fashion.

Keywords: organizational culture, team collaboration, team conflict, corporate culture, “Blue Ocean”, job performance, job commitment, international
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