Nightmare: a Bad Dream and Slow-motion Horror Movie

Topics: A Bad Dream, Coming out, Door Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: March 3, 2013
The Biggest Nightmare
It was a hot summer’s day. Everything around me was slowly starting to melt, the trees, the houses, the sky and the pathway to my garage. I was walking very slowly and i saw one boy getting bullied "should i go help", i thought to myself."NO"just keep walking i need to get home. My head felt huge and heavy, and every muscle in my body was sore. It felt like a slow-motion horror movie, only it was happening live. I finally reached the front door and touched the handle. the PATHthat took only a second for my eyes to see, took about twenty minutes for my body to accomplish. But, I was finally at my goal.

I slowly turned the handle of the door, only to realize it had barely moved. I took all the strength that I had left in my body and pressed the handle again. No success. I turned around and ran to fence the boy wasn't t there who were getting bullied. I went back to my front door and leaned against the door, and slowly slid down to the ground. I felt like i was going to faint. My head was spinning. I was so thirsty that I could barely think about anything else. I had to get inside had to pull myself together and open the door. Otherwise, I would faint here, near the front entrance to my own house, which I didn't really like the idea of.I pulled myself from the ground and faced the door again. I closed my eyes for a second, took a deep breath, opened them, and pushed the door knob as hard as I could, at the time.

I went inside, and had to wait for a minute before I could make out anything. It was too dark, still very hot and, somehow, very lonely inside. By the time my eyes started to see in the dark, I could tell no one was around. What time was it? And where was everyone? The house was com0pletely and scarily quiet. The silence wasn't normal. There was no sound coming from the working fridge, or ticking clock; absolutely nothing. I went to the kitchen to get some water, opened the tap and put an empty glass under it. But there was no...
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