Night vs Morning

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Essay From the Article ‘Night vs. Morning: The Ultimate Study-Time Debate’

Study in the morning or night,both have the pros and contrast. Students can choose their best time to study, which one they feel more comfortable with. I prefer to study at night as I feel the time become longer and I can sleep well after study.

One reason why I prefer study at night is I feel the time move slowly. I can keep doing my homework or my study without need to rush for anything. Additionally,I can fully focus on my study at that time because no more disruption from any of my family or friends. In contrast,if I study at the morning, I really need to study in quick,before need to ready to go to the class. The time in the fine morning need to use for study,take a bath,breakfast and ready for the class.And if said that,I overslept,time for study become shorter. Study at the night give me more space to focus than at the morning.

Another reason why I prefer study at night is I can sleep well after study. No need to think about homework or what to revise for the next day. If I finish all my work at night,what I just need is a good rest and keep fresh for another day.On the other hand, if I plan to wake up early in the morning and work on the homework, for example an essay or History subject, I will toss and turn. Plus, if I had a bad dream at the night before that. My work will become ridiculous and I can’t really focus on doing my work. My mood will become lower and I may stress. Study in stress will make me pressure so much and at last,nothing I get from my reading or my homework. In brief, finish my study at night will release my pressure for the morning.

In conclusion, I prefer to study at night as I have enough time to study and I can sleep well after doing my work. As a student, I cannot delay do my work because time is very important to me and I never know what will happen in further;I need to always be prepared.
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