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  • Published : May 6, 2008
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High School offers many classes that do their part to keep students busy. Whether it is homework, a project, or a presentation, it all takes a good amount of time out of a student’s schedule to complete such tasks, but what makes it even more difficult is when courses such as honors class or AP classes are taking place, which are beyond the regular class. These classes have a higher expectation towards students due to the speed of learning that takes place. Honors classes run their class a little bit faster, then regular classes. When it comes to AP classes, teacher drill their student with knowledge in a short amount of time. Both classes distribute more homework then average. That is why study halls should be kept at High School.

Students at who carry a heavy load on their back resulting from honors or AP classes filling up there whole schedule, need more time to work on homework. A study hall is the perfect class because it allows them to have time during the day, when at school to work on unfinished homework. If Honors and AP classes were not enough, many students participate in after school curriculums such as sports, clubs, involvement in plays, work, and even musical activities. With so much going on, where does a student have time during the day to do homework? And that answer is late a night. Many students such as I stay up maliciously working on homework, and reduce the amount of sleep we take in to a low amount. When a student is sleep deprived it results in a loss of concentration, making a student fall behind in a class or more. Making school just suck even more, now that they have even more to do then before Study halls are the little things in life that help a student succeed, and that’s why study hall should remain the way they have. Just like they have for the last past 10 years Eastview High School has been open. Why stop now?
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