Night Hoops

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Fellow Word Shakers,
When I started reading the book, Night Hoops by Carl Deuker, I was very bored. I felt like I wasn’t relating to the characters and the plot was moving too slowly. I questioned whether I should start a new book; however, I persevered just like Nick, and I am very grateful that I stuck with it.

After reading Night Hoops, I have developed a new mindset on how I should pursue my goals no matter what impediments obstruct my ability to reach them. Nick, the protagonist, always dreamt of earning his spot on his high school’s varsity basketball team, but his road to the team was filled with family troubles; being overshadowed by his older brother, Scott; and run-ins with Trent, the local bully. However, Nick persevered through it all and accomplished his goal of making the varsity basketball team. Over the past few years, I have been extremely dedicated to becoming the best golfer I can be. However recently, I have lost my enthusiasm for the game. Because of this, I feel like I can relate to Nick and although he is a fictional character, use him as inspiration to rededicate myself to the game of golf.

Aside from my fascination with Nick’s perseverance and dedication, I was intrigued by the friendship that developed between Nick and Trent, the local bully. At first, Trent and Nick didn’t get along. In fact, Trent beat Nick up. However, as Deuker took us through their relationship we saw how they soon became good friends who were connected through the game of basketball. From this, I realized that some of the people best fit for you could be right under your nose, but they put up a façade to support their tough guy image so you don’t get a chance to get to know who they truly are.

Another aspect of the book that really captured my attention was how Nick’s father applied pressure on him to succeed in basketball. At first, this pressure really inhibited Nick’s ability to play good basketball. However, as he became used to the pressure and...
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