Nicholas Sparks

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The book Dear John by Nicholas Sparks is about a man named John Tyree. He is 23 years old and in the Army. John's father has Asberger's syndrome and has a life passion of collecting coins. While he is home on leave he meets a girl named Savannah. Savannahis 21 years old and is a college student at the University of North Carolina. She is a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. John and Savannah at Wilmington on the beach. Savannah was hanging out with some friends who also volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. Savannah's purse falls into the ocean and John dives in to save it. After John saves her purse they start talking and become friends. They start hanging out and eventually go out on a date. The relationship grows very fast since John has to return to Germany in a week. Savannah and John get to know each other and the two of them fall in love. They promise to wait for each other since John has one year of service in the Army left before being honorably discharged. September 11 happens and John deciding to be a hero re-enlists for the Army. Savannah understands his motivation of heroism but sadly hurt, she continues to wait for John to be honorably discharged. While John is in the Army and stationed in Germany Savannah and John write letters to each other constantly. Every letter declaring their love for each other. Eventually John notices that their letters come less often and savannah becomes less intimate. Soon he gets the letter he has been dreading. The letter telling him that Savannah has fallen for someone else. John does not respond to Savannah's last letter but instead burns all of the letters from her that he had saved. He decides to put all his efforts into being a good soldier. John re-enlists for the Army again and stays away from his home for 3 more years. John's father gets sick and John goes home to see him. He tells his dad how much he means and how much John loves him. His father gets out of the hospital and goes home. John goes back to Germany for a bit more time. Then his father dies. He goes home for his father's funeral and decides to look Savannah up. He finds out she got married to her long time friend, Tim after he was stricken with melanoma. John and Savannah become friends again while Tim is in the hospital. John figures out his true feelings for Savannah. He decides he wants her to be happy and that meant not breaking up her marriage. He donates money anonymously for treatment to save Tim's life. The book The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks is about a girl named Ronnie Miller. Ronnie is seventeen years old, a vegetarian, and an animal lover. who is sent by her mother to spend the summer after graduation with her ten-year-old brother, Jonah, visiting her father, Steve. Her father is a former Julliard professor. He divorced Ronnie's mother, Kim, three years earlier. He left New York City for his childhood home, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Ever since he divorced her mom and moved away Ronnie has refused to talk to him or to play the piano, which was their shared passion and becomes a rebellious clubber. Jonah immediately bonds with Steve over a stained glass window that Steve has been recreating for the local church after the original burned down in a mysterious arson. Ronnie is hostile towards Steve. Ronnie asks Steve to Board up his Piano. Steve boards up his beloved piano and instead pursues his search for God's presence. He also begins writing a piano composition using a piano owned by the church. Eventually she begins to soften towards him. Steve shows Ronnie a Loggerhead Sea Turtle nest that Jonah found near their home. Ronnie vows to protect the endangered creatures. While watching over the turtle nest she meets an aquarium volunteer named Will. They soon fall in love and spend several beautiful weeks together. Will's mother and his ex-girlfriend attempt to drive Will and Ronnie apart. Will's best friend and beach volleyball partner, Scott is annoyed that Will is not practicing for...
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