My Favourite Movie

Topics: United States Army, Channing Tatum, Dear John Pages: 2 (892 words) Published: March 2, 2013
My Favourite Movie
I like watching movies and I have been spending by watching a lot of movies in my spare time. Among them, I name of the movie I like best I have watched is Dear John .This movie is American romatic drama-war film .In this movie , the two main starrings was Channing Tatum(John )and Amanda Seyfried (Savarnah). The movie expressed the life of a soldier (Channing Tatum)who was fall in love with a young woman. The beginning of the movie,in 2007, John Tyree (Channing Tatum), a Staff Sergeant in the United States Army Special Forces was lying on the ground with gunshot wounds to his body. In that thime , he seems the coins fell over him and , moreover, he recalled his childhood and the last things he thought about his ex- girl friend, Savarnah, before he blacked out. In 2001, in Wilmington , North Carolina, John was a Vocation and he met Savannah, a college student on spring break and he rescued her purse from the water. Over the course of two weeks, Savannah and John fall in love. John met Savannah's family, her neighbor, Tim and Tim's son , Alan who had autism. Savannah met John's father Richard , who seems to be obsessed with his coin collection but his genuine interest drew her, to John's surprise. Savannah mentioned to John that his father, like Alan, may have auitism. This upset John and he storm off, and then got into a fight with Savannah's friend Randy and he punched Tim accidentally. The following day, John apologized to Tim and lef Savannah a note, and then they spent together the rest of the days . They said “"I'll see you soon, then," when they parted. John and Savannah continue their relationship through letters, expecting to build a life together when he leaves the army. In this movie , all the letter was begun with Dear John. But the recent September 11 attacks made him reconsider the army, and he ultimately chose to re-enlist. Over the next two years, the romance went on, through their letters. After a time, John...
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