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In 2002, the IT project for the National Health Service (NHS) was officially launched with the investment accumulated up to over 12 billion pounds. At that time this scheme was considered one of the most giant and oldest outstanding IT projects in the world. The purpose of the project was to considerably improve NHS service and patient care. Using the advantages of Information Technology system, the ideal was to transfer all paper medical records to electronic cards. It would save time and be more secure than other methodology in storing patients’ disease information. Besides, the project initially aims at upgrading the function of X-ray system, and electronic bookings. Unfortunately, last year the minster has to admit that the project will not be archived. The project will be shut down, 12 billion pounds has been wasted. In this report, we will look through the stages of the project and figure out how a potentially successful IT project can turn out to be a disastrous failure.

Initiating stage
In the past, the IT systems and the procurement has not been successful, so the Programme is build to provide strong central direction of IT development. NHS will hire suppliers to deliver the Programme, once the suppliers have developed, it will be brought into use, like merge with existing IT system and configuring them to meet local circumstances. Staff will be trained to use and adapt the new working environment. Four Local Service Providers are mainly in charge for the project, they will work together with the NHS. Programme Structure

The Programme started in October 2002, and on April, NHS Connecting for Health (CfH) was created, they are responsible for developing, controlling and delivering the Programme. The NHS uses the Prince2™ to manage the project within the Programme which is:

Planning and design

Stake holder analysis
It is important to analysis the stakeholder; each of them has individual power and interest in the project. By doing the analysis, we would figure out their interest and how they affect the project respectively

+ Government: The Prime Minister launch the project in 2002, it was a massive project brings the hope for the Conservative at the moment. The strengths of the government is that they have enough money to invest the project, and also the government have the high authority to control the project, the weakness is that the government has a high pressure, because of this is a big project, it must cost a lot of money and time to do it, if the government is not working well the people will lose confidence in the government. + NHS: The NHS has the most power and interest in the project when they are given in charge of the project. Its success or failure will affect the performance of the NHS greatly. + The staff : has the low power and high interest in this project. After all, they are the Programme user, so they would want to know how does the project go and will it be successful. The NHS staff will with the new technology that would take a lot of time for them to get used to it. However, they receive no information about the process of the Programme, that make them concern about the successful of the project. + Taxpayer: They have no power over the project but highly interest on it since most of the investment comes from the tax which is from them , so they will be watching over the project to make sure their money will not be wasted. + Supplier: The suppliers in this project are those sectors provide the computer system to the NHS. They are very important that because they use their technology to support this project, without their technology, the project will be hard to run. They have strong power and highly interest in the project since the successful of the project depend on how they do their job . There are 4 main suppliers: Accenture in the East and in the North East; BT in London; Computer...
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