Ethics in Health Informatics

Topics: Health care, Health care provider, Patient Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Science and Technology have always been working hand in hand. In bringing the best possible healthcare to our patients, we can maximize our resources by the application of Science and that is Technology. There have been many trends and innovations that are popping out every generation but together with these changes come new problems or errors. The use of electronic health information can do wonders that paper charting and printing of laboratory records cannot possibly do. It is economical but at the same time would pose changes or opposition among some health care workers or patients as well. It can change how they look at health care as a whole. The key to delivering good health care and maximizing quality medical care is the effective and efficient information management which would come from electronic health care. As a general principle among health workers, confidentiality of patient data and information is something we must all apply, however, the presence of electronic health record and Internet-based Consumer Health Information makes health information more accessible to the people involved in the health care of a certain patient, the problem of securing the patient records would arise. The key is whether how we can balance accessibility versus security. Electronic health information gives health workers a variety of advantages in information management, however, it also give ways for new problems and adjustments for the health care providers and staff of the hospital as well. Its interoperability makes them work less and transmit data faster, but in the event make data easily accessible to more people therefore making the protection of the data about the patient harder. Being human, we are inclined to communication and we are called social beings, it comes to a time when we talk about others instead of ideas and other relevant topics. This ruins the code of ethics regarding confidentiality of the patient. I think it is relevant because I, myself...
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