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Topics: Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra Pages: 14 (3295 words) Published: February 2, 2013
(BATCH 2012-14)

Project report on
“Youth Empowerment
One step towards brighter future"

Submitted by:
Ankita Sharma
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1| Title page| 1|
2| Contents | 2|
3| Summary| 3|
4| Introduction| 4|
| Background of NGOMission Activities undertaken by the NGO| 567-8| 5| Student project activity| 9|
| Description of the project theme and areaProject objectiveMajor activitiesResultsRecommendations| 99-131415| 6| Over all conclusions and recommendations to the NGO| 16| 7| Learning accumulated| 16|

8| Bibliography| 17|
9| Confidential Report| 18|


Any accomplishment requires the effort of many people and there are no exceptions. The report being submitted today is a result of collective effort. Although the report has been solely prepared by me with the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of the course of CSI (Corporate Social Initiative), there are innumerous helping hands behind it who have guided me on my way. First I would like to thank our CSI program developers for creating such an opportunity for the students to broaden their frame of skills. I am gratified with their efforts. My sincere gratitude also goes to my college guide Dr. Saritprava Das as well as Prof. Vandana Tripathi (Project guide) and Dr. C.S. Adhikari (Dean Academics and ITM CSI Head) who have helped me to perform internship and be familiar to the social aspects and how companies are associated with social initiatives. I would like to thank Ms. Shobha Murthy the founder of AARAMBH who has provided me the greatest opportunity to perform internship. I am also grateful to all the teachers of AARAMBH for being the helping hand and guide me throughout the program. Finally, if I have mistakenly omitted to giving credits, I want to accept the humble apology and I want them to know that without their support there will have differences in this task.

Our NGO Internship project was for a duration of 3 months (October-December). We were assigned to handle their Turbhe branch, Navi Mumbai. Navi Mumbai, a satellite township to Mumbai with its broad roads and beautiful railway stations is also home to thousands of migrants who have come to this city in search of employment. They live in small shanties put on the roadside, under flyovers and along railway tracks. These areas have no sanitation and drinking water facilities. Diseases like T.B., Malaria, Eczemaetc are common and the worst sufferers are the children. Most of the students are dropouts. Less literacy and awareness among the people is seen. Our motive was to attract and retain children at risk to this program by mobilizing mothers and convincing them that Aarambh is a productive and useful opportunity for their children and to empower women in slum communities in order to ensure their access to health and economic services. In this project we were assigned various tasks like teaching children, awareness campaigns in the nearby area to know the root cause for dropping out of children from the school and convincing parents to send their children to AARAMBH classes. Wednesday and Thursday were the days alloted to us to carry out the project within the time period starting from October-December. Being a part of this project we find various causes because of which children were dropping out. Some of them were: * Sickness among children and poverty of the parents force thousands of children to drop out of school even before they are 10 years old. * Hundreds of children are forced to work 10 to 12 hours a day to support their families. * Women and young girls face harassment and abuse at home and in the community. * Girls as young as 14 and 15 years are forced into marriage due to social and cultural pressures.


* Make student comfortable to speak and write in English. * Introduce children’s the outside...
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