Csr Initiatives of Indian It Companies Sustaining and Enhancing Competitiveness in Today’s Business Scenario

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  • Published: July 27, 2011
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Sustaining and Enhancing Competitiveness in today’s Business Scenario Abstract

The idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not new to Indian companies. Growing number of Information technology (IT) companies with the direct involvement of employees are implementing CSR projects. Dedicated departments in most of the companies are looking into much more than just funding or getting involved in one-time projects. The trend is especially strong in IT companies with a young workforce that increasingly feels that they would like to contribute to the cause of creating a better society. Voluntarism to them means taking technology to the grassroots levels and to bridge the digital divide. CSR activities have their advantages like building a positive image and encouraging social involvement of employees. This develops a sense of loyalty for the organisation. CSR activities help bond employees as a team, and with the organisation, which in turn helps in creating a dedicated workforce that is proud of its employer. IT companies in India have realized that CSR makes business sense. Indian IT Industry has been harbinger of Indian economy and plays a big role in fuelling India’s growth. Today, it is also acknowledged to be one of the front runners in CSR, with initiatives spanning various sectors and themes such as education, health, poverty reduction general donations, social welfare schemes, rural development, web-based solution for adult literacy programme, creating a centralised data system on children for adoption. IT companies in India are increasingly sending out this message and a growing number of companies and institutions in India are seeking to link their own growth and survival to the social cause that they are promoting. The paper's purpose is to highlight the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives taken by the Indian IT Industry, which can help them to enhance their overall performance.

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