Topics: Gender, Man, Gender role Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Alexa Snyder
Mrs. Strassel
8 March 2013

The opening paragraph uses the odd quote about fetishes to intrigue the reader and ask them to read on. I definitely was interested and I wanted to read on. It was not provoking, but it was intriguing. I feel men would be more provoked by this opening. Paul Theroux alters such strong assertions and images to show how much he dislikes the world’s, but mostly America’s view of being a male writer going against his own gender, he needs to be more aggressive to show that he is serious in his views. he used paraphrased comments to explain his statements, says he is talking about the unintelligence of being a man. They restate what he is stating to confirm their meaning I believe the effect is useful. He prepares his readers for the main idea of his writing that being a man is not a privilege because the thoughts and actions associated with being a man. Theroux’s essay is sarcastic while information to state firmly his views on manhood. I agree that all manliness belittles women because being a man includes being “better” than women as well as not associating with women as friends. A man assumes he is more intelligent than a woman. I agree that sports, especially high school sports, affect the attitude and aggression of a man negatively. The increasing number of women playing the same sports supports Theroux since women are always trying to be more manly to be accepted. Women’s lesser rights by this time is untrue, but also i believe that men writers were accepted at this time.
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