Throwing Like a Girl

Topics: Woman, Gender, Female Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Throwing Like a Girl
1. Fallow acknowledges the objections of feminists to the phrase “throwing like a girl.” Yet that is not the only derogatory phrase towards women. Activities such as football, hockey and hunting are mainly men’s sports too. It is clear that women gather more negative associations than the male population. Feminists challenge the phrase “throwing like a girl” because it is proven that men and women’s shoulders are aligned similarly and there are no structural differences between them. Boys are taught from a young age the importance of sports and playing ball while girls are not. Feminists argue that there are many women who can throw better than men and that “it’s not gender that makes the difference in how they throw.” (388) In my opinion Fallow does a good job of negating such objections. 2. Fallow’s tone throughout the essay indicates that this essay is a lighter piece. His sentence structure and simple wording make the essay less complex. In many ways Fallow makes the essay relatable to many through his varied examples. Fallow uses an exaggerated or self-mocking tone to get across a point. One example of this is when he talked about a woman named Tammy Richards trying to heave dried cow chips farther than her brother could as a form of learning how to throw. His use of humor helps the reader become more engaged in his essay and get a better understanding of how he feels about the issue and what exactly he is trying to share with the reader. 3. Fallow’s gives a good description of physical movement in paragraphs 9 through 14. Yet I think it is essential to enact the idea of the kinetic chain with ones own body rather than just hear of it. Fallow’s anatomically detailed account comparent to George Orwell’s description of the dying elephant is similar while Fallow’s is definetly less complex in his wording and detail.
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