Newven Business Plan

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NewVen Ltd

Summary Business Plan

Sagar Raisoni


NewVen’s Business plan

Executive summary

NewVen is an Oxford based company, which plans to sell, install and maintain photovoltaic cells. Photovoltaic’s is a method of generating electrical power by converting solar energy into usable current electricity using semiconductors that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaic’s method employs solar panels on the roof or on the walls of the house, which are composed of a number of cells containing a photovoltaic cell.

The UK is setting itself a mandatory target of ensuring that 15% of our energy consumption comes from renewable sources by 2020, there has never been a better time to invest in micro generation. (On the brink of a bright future,2010)


PricewaterhouseCoopers released an analysis of the solar PV markets across Europe and emphasizing the UK market. PwC claims that there will be substantial increase in the installation of Solar PV in the next ten years, but there are a number of obstacles to overcome. In order to captivate this potential growth, individual firms and government must focus on the five big barriers: consumer awareness, upfront funding, and consistency of policy, access to capital and UK skills shortage. The above graph explains the rise of PV if all the five barriers are overcome. (Better generation Ltd, 2009) There are three types of PV commonly used in UK- Môn crystalline, Polycrystalline and Amorphous with and efficiency of 12-15%, 10-13% and 3-6%.

Company’s Mission

NewVen—Energy Conservation Consultancy—A commercial enterprise, which not only saves money but also, saves energy for an efficient use in future.

Financial table

| |Year | | | | |Item |2012 |2013 |2014 |2015 | |Total number of consulting jobs in the year/region |200 |240 |288 |345.6 | |Total number of installation jobs in the year/region |40,000 |75,200 |100,016 |124,020 | |Number of consulting jobs |2 |7 |14 |35 | |Number of installation jobs |90 |169 |225 |279 | |Number of maintenance jobs |45 |85 |113 |140 | |Average fee per consulting project |£20,000 |£19,800 |£19,602 |£19,406 | |Average fee per installation project |£10,000 |£9,800 |£9,604 |£9,412 | |Average maintenance fee per project |£1,000 |£1,000 |£1,000 |£1,000 | |Total Income (turnover) |£985,000 |£1,885,320 |£2,556,033 |£3,436,539 | |Costs: |  |  |  |  | |Cost of sales and other commissions |£394,000 |£754,128 |£1,022,413 |£1,374,616 | |Staffing costs/consulting |£4,500 |£16,200 |£32,400 |£77,760 | |Staffing costs/installation |£90,000 |£169,200 |£225,036 |£279,045 |...
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