Talent Management in Renewable Energy

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1. Task- 13

1.1- Talent Management3

1.1.1Potential Talent Management Strategies 3
1.1.2. Shared goal 3
1.1.3. Keep it balanced 4
1.1.4. Choose the right people 4
1.1.5. Demographic plan 4
1.1.6. Develop a brand campaign 4
1.1.7. Relationships with colleges and universities 4
1.1.8. Employee referral program 5
1.1.9. Quicken up the process 5
1.1.10. Seek into unusual sources 5
1.2. Potential recruitment strategies 5
1.2.1. Retention Policies 5

1.2.2. Safety and Quality 6

1.2.3. Aggressive growth plans 6

2. Task- 26

2.1. Potential steps to be followed on 6

2.1.1. Sourcing Methods6

2.1.2. Talent pool6

2.1.3. Image and Brand7

3. Conclusion 7
4. References7


A key objective of the UK government's energy policy is to reduce rapidly and radically the country's dependence on fossil fuels and particularly on energy supplies provided from overseas. An ambitious target has been set for the development of renewable sources of energy, the current target being that a third of the total demand for electricity in England and Wales should be met from renewable sources by 2020. In 2010 it was estimated that approximately 6000 people were employed in the offshore renewable sector in the UK. By 2020 this number is expected to exceed 70,000. The chronic skills shortages that already exist in these areas of engineering. The 2020 targets are without doubt ambitious, and industry figures are in agreement that the UK will not be able to supply the manpower needed. This report recommends the major alternative potential resourcing, recruitment and talent management strategies that are required in order to meet its future skill needs, and advises the potential steps to be taken as priority.

1. Task- 1
1.1. Talent Management
Talent management is a process which involves activities to attract, retain and develop employees. In some organizations the term talent management refer especially to high-potential employees. It is often interchangeably with the field of Human Resource Management. Although HRM plays a vital part as the field of talent management continues to mature, number of people strongly disagree about the interchange of these two fields. 1.1.1Potential Talent Management Strategies

 1.1.2. Shared goal
Developing efficient workforce plan is vital in ensuring that recruiters and business partners in renewable energy sector are working on with same vision. Sourcing and recruiting to fill a position type or numerous position types is important. It is also important for the entire team and clients know the overall plan. This way everyone knows what other person is looking for, 1.1.3. Keep it balanced

As the qualified staffs in Renewable energy are scarce and the energy sector is very technical, it is important to decide what proportion of what to hire. What percentage will be experienced? What percentage will be new grads? What percentage will be from work placement? These questions are keys to channel the resources appropriately. 1.1.4. Choose the right people

In Renewable energy sector hiring is important but hiring the right people is more important. Best talents should be hired based on company reputation, compensation strategy, competitiveness and attractiveness to candidates. This way focus would be on that talent segment rather wasting time trying to hire individuals who have no interest in coming to the companies. For this, understanding competencies required will quicken screening and selection process. To develop an effective talent strategy it is also vital to pull together the hiring strategies. The idea is not to take any prisoners and go after the best talent. Solid compensation plans, mentorship plans and a wide abundance of...
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