News vs. Information

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News vs Information
This is the age of information and we are bombarded with tons of information everyday. News, on the other hand, is specific information that is a communication in the form of print or electronic media. We all know about newspapers and read them every morning or whenever we get time. They are a collection of facts and information about recent happenings though newspapers also have sections where precise information about various subjects is also presented to the readers. There are many who find the dichotomy between news and information confusing as they do not find any differences. This article will attempt to find out these differences so as to enable people to identify a piece as news or information when they get or receive it. The word news is considered to have evolved from the word new. So any information about an incident, event, occasion, mishap, disaster, or even financial results of a company are considered to be pieces of news. You must have seen captions of breaking news running at the bottom of news channels on TV where they carry information about any event that is taking place at the same instant that another program is being beamed on your screen. Many times, broadcast of regular programs is stopped and breaking news told to the audiences if it is considered to be very important for the viewers. When you are on a railway station and do not have a clue regarding the timing of the train for your destination, you head towards the information desk where the person answers all your queries as he provides the information that you are looking for. Similarly in a classroom, all the knowledge that a teacher imparts to his students is basically in the form of information that is meant to clear the concepts in the minds of the students. In brief:Difference Between News and Information• News is presentation of facts about an event or incident that has just taken place or is taking place whereas information is general and is not that urgent• News is meant to make people aware of their surroundings, people, and events taking place whereas information is regular pieces of facts that do not change with time.|

Sociological aspects
Sociological aspects of crime can be divided into broad categories in relation to social determinants. Crime and criminal behavior can be analyzed through functionalist, conflict, feminist and postmodern perspectives. Sociological aspects view crime and criminal behaviour as socially acquired and hence focus on the ways in which cultural and/or social structural factors are crime producing. functionalist perspective

Functionalists focus on the individual, usually with the intent to show how broader social forces mold individual behaviour. They underline social cohesion as the key factor of social order. Functionalists like Talcott Parsons attempted to integrate all the social sciences into a science of human action. He believed that social system is made up of the actions of individuals. According to Talcott Parsons equilibrium model society consists of network of connected parts. He viewed crime as a disintegrative factor that could affect the homeostasis of the society. Based on Talcott model an individual committing homicide has domino affect and his action reverberates within the society. For instance the murder of Tori Stafford in 2009 brought horror to her family and created a nationwide anxiety. To be continued 1.4 Sociological Aspect of news

Creating News and Culture
Much of the sociological perspective about how news is created comes from researchers with the culturalist theory perspective. Journalists themselves also remain keenly aware of these issues and carefully study them. The central problem comes from the fact that many more events occur than the media can ever report on. Journalists must look at all the information and events before them and make decisions about what they report and what they do not. Because newspapers go to press on strict...
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