New Right

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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New Right Ideology
New Principles
• [pic] Roll-back of the State – the State would share responsibility with other organisations and individuals

• [pic] Selectivism – benefits to be targeted at the ‘deserving’- means-testing - ‘principle of less eligibility’

• [pic] Individualism – emphasis on individual responsibility and self-reliance; moving away from ‘nanny state’/’dependency culture’ e.g. community care

• [pic] Welfare pluralism – ‘mixed economy of care’ – welfare provided by a variety of sources including the State, the voluntary sector, the private/commercial sector, the informal sector [carers] e.g. NHS & CCA, 1990 – Social Services were to be the lead agency and were to put a ‘care package’ together for the individual patient/service user from a variety of sources/providers – ‘one door’ principle

• [pic] Privatisation – private sector [profit making] involvement in service provision – individuals would have individual freedom (from State intervention) and choice in moving to private health care, pensions etc. Also meant the movement of nationalised industries to shareholder-control e.g. utilities

• [pic] Free market (quasi-market forces) – this is where the price of a service, for example, is arranged by sellers and buyers. The notion of a free market is closely associated with laissez-faire whereby government intervention is limited only to regulation e.g. purchaser/provider...
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