Neutral Curriculum

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Neutral Curriculum
What is a neutral curriculum? A neutral curriculum is that curriculum that does not cover all aspects of coping with day to day life. This type of curriculum does not allow the students to draw their own conclusions about specific lessons that are being taught. As individuals, we need to be well rounded. This type of curriculum will not allow the students to conquer other areas that will encourage them to move forward in their education spiritually. They must understand the importance of Christ being a part of their lives. Philippians 4:13 states I can do all things though Christ who strengthens me. If we are using a neutral curriculum to teach our students, they will not be able to understand how they can be strengthened though Christ.

Education cannot be neutral when it comes to faith; it is either supportive or destructive. The topic of education is humanity, its savage treatment of its own kind. It’s willingness to endure self-sacrifice. And you cannot learn-or-teach-about humanity without considering God. Let’s take biology as an example. Mammals are characterized by, among other things, their tendency to care for and protect their young. Do mothers love their babies because of sheer biological imperative? If so, why do we come down so hard on fathers who neglect their children? It’s a rare male mammal that pays attention to its young. (Bauer, Susan) How does a Christian teacher’s responsibility apply to a Christian school? According to Brummelen (2002), Christian school teachers need to remember three key points as they formulate their classroom curriculum. Those points are they must confidently initiate their students into their cultural and Christian heritage, they must encourage their students to grow in normal rational responsibility and they should show teacher commitment since they want to teach for commitment. How does a Christian’s teacher’s responsibility apply to a public school? A Christian teacher must...
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