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Topics: Certified Public Accountant, Accountant, Finance Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Activity: 1
Part A) CPA Australia held an event related to the changes in Fringe Benefit Tax. As I am a member of CPA Australia, they sent me an invitation to attend the event. It was an important event for me to attend as the changes were major and related to the clients business. Part B) The event was held at Perth Convention Centre about 10 days before. Activity: 2

Part A) I have met many persons at that event. The first person I met was Mr. Mark Connor. He is Bachelor of Commerce and Certified Public Accountant. He is working as a Director of Business Service at Abbott Solutions. He is working at Mount Lawley office. He is the head of the department at that office. His contact details are as under. M: 0421224173

T: 92728611

Part B) Firstly, we had normal discussion on the related topic of the event. He gave me advice related to the current market scenario. He told me how he started his career and how he reached to this position. He gave me strategy to find the job. He also told me the different areas where I can work.

Activity: 3

Part A) The second person I met was Mr. Taral Khandheriya. He is Master of Commerce and also Associated Member of CPA. He is registered Tax and Public Accountant. He is operating his own Accounting Firm at Belmont under the name of Accounts and Tax World. His contact details are as under.

M: 0432713471

Part B) Mr. Taral gave me advice related to tax accounting. He is very well known Tax Accountant. He advises me on how to start with Tax. He also offered me his help. He offered me to get training with him on partnership tax and trust tax account. He advises me that tax is the most important part of the accounting.

Activity: 4

Respected Mark & Taral,

This is Alok Patel. I met you at the event related to Fringe Benefit Tax. Firstly, I would like to thank you for your advice regarding how to start my career in the Accounting Field....
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