Network Design Project It/230 Final Paper

Topics: Network topology, Computer network, Ethernet Pages: 15 (5676 words) Published: November 14, 2012
Network Design Project
Art Meyer
Pernell Curtis

Executive Summary

The Tri-Corp company is need of a complete networking solution. Tri-Corp has two offices, one in Phoenix, and the other in Tucson. The main office in Phoenix is a large 4-story building with 50 workstations and 10 network printers. The Tucson office has five separate workstations and three network capable printers. The clients use Outlook exchange web server for their email communications; both offices require data transfer on a daily basis. Each user requires access to the internet and the shared data stored on the nine clients workstations. DSL, cable, and T3 network solutions are available to the clients. The Tucson clients have a cable internet connection with 8mbps max upload and download limit. The physical layout of the Tucson office is a single story design where the workstations are located in five separate offices in a large building; an unused storage closet is located in a central point in between the offices of that building. Tri-Corps needs a reliable network, with a VPN service to accommodate the needs of traveling executives, upper management, and a growing workforce. Company executives at Tri-Corp have requested a remote access solution as part of their systems upgrade. The company desires its employees to have access to the network from their home PC’s and laptops as a method to help improve productivity and eliminate unnecessary travel and paperwork. In order to function more efficiently, many companies across the globe require remote access to their server systems. A remote access solution will provide Tri-Corp with a proven method to retrieve data from remote locations and them with the opportunity for their executives to complete necessary tasks on the go. However, remote access may provide intruders a method to access Tri-Corps secure data. These vulnerabilities may expose the risk of exploitation and have caused irreparable damage to other companies in the past. Successfully implementing Tri-Corps remote access solution requires careful planning to protect their data and avoid unwanted attacks by unauthorized users. In addition to the Enterprise system upgrades, Tri-Corp needs to design and implement a disaster recovery plan and review system security policies. While some disasters are unavoidable and vary in type and magnitude, system security attacks are avoidable when companies enforce their information policies and protect their resources. Tri-Corps offices may contain vulnerabilities because they offer remote access to company data to many employees in both locations.

Cabling Specifications
The shield twisted pair (STP) or unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable are what connects computers to the switch on the Star Topology network10Base-T is one of the Ethernet standards for cabling in a network environment. 10BaseT uses a twisted pair cable with a maximum length of 100 meters. Standard 10BaseT operates at 10 Mbps. It is commonly used in a star topology. Gigabit Ethernet (CAT6) over twisted pair copper wires is the preferred cabling specification for high speed data transmissions. Transmission rates in this cabling specification may reach speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. CAT5 T/100 base cables will provide adequate data transfer for most other applications. Local Area Network (LAN) Topologies

In the star topology, instead of having a direct connection to each other, the systems are connected to a central device, such as a network switch or a router. One definite advantage the star topology provides is network stability. For example, in the star topology, when one system goes down, it does not bring the rest of the network down with it as it does in the bus or ring topologies. The star topology is the most prevalent topology in use today.

The physical topology of the star network contains six different classifications; namely point-to-point network, ring network, mesh...
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