Network Administrator

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Network Administrator


The purpose of this research is to provide a detailed insight into the job duties and responsibilities of a network administrator. Early on, I developed a strong interest in computers. Therefore, in high school, I began taking classes to assist me in a computer career. At the time, I was not certain as to which aspect I would pursue. However, I knew it would be working with computers. Nevertheless, it was not until college that I determined that I wanted to be a network administrator. In this project, I will focus on the fundamentals of a network administrator. More specifically, I will discuss the salary, job responsibilities and other career areas which may be pursued in addition to that of a network administrator. While reading the information presented, one will be able to surmise the benefits of being a network administrator as well as gain insight as to the duties and responsibilities of such.

This research will provide information regarding my background and how having such provided a solid foundation for my career as a network administrator. I will also discuss the fundamental elements dealing with a career as a network administrator. The discussion will include the job requirements, other possible aspects of this type of career and the salary. Furthermore, in addition to presenting this information, I will reiterate the importance of the role of a network administrator and the need for the services of such an individual.

The Dictionary of the Internet defines “network administrator” as “a member of staff or group of staff who have the responsibility for the smooth functioning of a large network. They carry out a number of functions: defining and enforcing security policies, specifying routing policies, accounting for system resources on the network and ensuring that they are efficiently used, responding to hardware and systems errors, and administering any connections to external networks such as the Internet. . . .” (Ince, 2001). However, due to the variation of these responsibilities, several career options are within reach. For example, one may have the choice of becoming a computer programmer, systems analyst, or software engineer. (Arbor, 2001). There are also careers within that of a network administrator. For a moment, consider the field of Information Technology Security. In order to become an administrator in the field of Information Technology Security, one must have the qualifications needed to successfully perform the duties. This means obtaining certifications. One manager even went so far as to say that if someone could provide him a certification then that would in essence ‘talk money to him.’ (Kavanaugh, 40). In order to successfully obtain a certification in the area of IT Security, one must make a commitment to acquire such. However, this step is important to the qualification process. In addition to obtaining certification, one must also be committed to the yearly continuing professional development. The candidates needed to perform the duties of an IT Security would be someone who has shown commitment to his or her own computer security. The manager mentioned earlier mentioned that he even asks the individuals who he interviews if they own a shredder. By answering in the affirmative, he is shown that the individual is interested in personal security. (Kavanaugh, 40). Therefore, such attitude and interest shown would be an asset to the future employer. A director of a digital forensics specialist company advised that a successful candidate is one who has modified his or her computer in order to perform unusual functions and have tried and tested various methods to “make something work.” (Kavanaugh, 40). The field of IT Security is very specific and is consistently changing. However, a network administrator could easily isolate this specific job responsibility and build on it. Thus, showing the commitment...
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