Nestle Strategies

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Team Project: Strategies marketing

• Importance of marketing in the organization
Nestle is a company centred in the consumer, who adapts his products to the tastes and desires of the consumer, in more than 100 countries in which he is present It makes exhaustive tests of market of products to make sure that the consumers will prefer them on those of the competition It tries to promote a diet and a healthy style of life

With a special sensitivity to help the children to develop healthy habits of feeding. The local direction of Nestle studies the suitability of all the publicity and it is examined constantly in the corporative central office of the company in Vevey, Switzerland Of these tendencies of a life style the company heals has become echo and has oriented its marketing a social direction, satisfying the necessities with the consumers So that they heighten the well-being of the consumers and the society. Recently it has received a prize in Spain in which the more effective actions of marketing are recognized , and this prize has been for the program sponsored by Nestle titled “TU AND NESTLE”, granted by the Spanish Association of Advertisers, valuing specially its contribution to the sales and the return of the carried out investments In the present economy, the function of marketing requires much more that to have a good product with a good accessible price and to the consumers. In these Nestle surroundings he is able to transmit its present consumers as much potential, assuming the role of signallers and promoters of its products In general one looks for to provide:

- The product or suitable service
- At the opportune moment
- In the correct place
- To the advisable price for the client and the producer
- In the agreed magnitude
- With the required quality
- Segmentation
- Mark
- Strategies of differentiation
- Positioning
- Meaning of the positioning of the mark

• Strategies differentials
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