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I know all of you have experienced being nervous, but do you know why you feel this way? As you might have guessed I will be speaking about nervousness, who has it, causes and cures how to use it as an advantage.

Many people tend to feel nervous when speaking in front of a group. Everybody has nervousness, from professionals to students. Some nervousness when speaking in front of a group is not only inevitable, it’s also desirable. If it can be controlled, your nervousness can be transformed into excitement or enthusiasm, and that makes for a presentation that is exciting and interesting to the audience. Being too nervous can take away any pleasure that doing the presentation may give you, but it may also have a negative effect on your performance.

First of all, having a good topic is very important. Your lack of interest or enthusiasm for the topic may lead to increased nervousness. However, if you choose a topic which is fascinating to you, it will be difficult to bore your audience.

Having a good preparation is also important. You put off working on the presentation because of fear not doing well, yet the longer it is put off, the less time there is to prepare and rehearse. As your preparation time decreases, the pressure, stress, and nervousness associated with the presentation increases.

You can manage nervousness by using effective practice strategies. It is important to get effective feedback from professional staffs, rather than family members or friends. Another strategy is to practice with equipment such as tape recorders and video cameras. This will let you review and improve your performance.

Regardless of your preparation beforehand, some nervousness is natural and inevitable. One performance strategy is to expect and accept nervousness. Instead of stopping your knees from shaking, let them shake, but let yourself know that you can go on with your presentation. If you focus on your nervousness and forget what you are...
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