Work Effectively with Others

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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BSBWOR203B – Work effectively with others

Assessment Activity 1:



Situation| Support action|
A member of your team has been askedto give a presentation at a conferencenext week and they are very nervousabout speaking in public.| Suggest the member practices in front of colleagues or friends they are comfortable around, give them words of support to build their confidence. | Your team leader needs someone to takeover collating and mailing out thenewsletter because someone else in yourteam is sick.| If you are free, put your hand up to help out if you think you are suitable for and understand the role.| A colleague does not understand how touse a new software program.| Offer to help where you can. Encourage them to seek help from other team members who have already worked with this software.| A member of your team hasmiscalculated the amount of time they willneed to prepare an urgent customer mailout.| Ask manager if you can halt your job to help out on this urgent task. Help out where and when you can.| The evacuation alarm is ringing andthere is smoke coming out of astoreroom. People are starting to panicand trying to run down the stairs or intothe lifts. There is a customer in awheelchair in the waiting area near thefront desk.| Remain calm, while trying to calm those around you. Ensure all your colleagues leave the offices with you. Assist the customer in a wheelchair along with other customers to fire assembly area. Report to your levels fire warden.| A team member consistently wastes paper by only using one side and always printing out draft copies when there is no need to.| Point out the unnecessary waste to them politely as they may not even realise they are being inefficient and wasteful|


My workplace was issued the task of listing everything in our Vinnies store that wasn’t for sale or an electrical item. This task was given to my store’s manager from head office. The task was given for insurance...