Neonatal Nursing

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Nursery/Neonatal Nurse
Chamberlain College of Nursing

Nursery Nursing
A Nursery Nurse is a nurse who provides medical care for newborns and infants. Although they usually work in hospital nurseries, some work in outpatient care centers or private residences, providing in-home care for sick infants. Nursery nurses can also be categorized as neonatal (newborn) or pediatric nurses, depending on the age group they serve. Nursery Nurses may have a different title but perform many of the same duties as RNs and LPNs, including: administering treatments, medications, tests, and procedures, assisting physicians, creating or updating patient care plans, maintaining patient records and other duties but this all depends on the nursery level in which they work. I would like to be a nursery/neonatal nurse because I love working with newborns, I want to be challenged in my career, and I want to have a rewarding/successful profession. I would love to become a Nursery/neonatal nurse. I love newborns, they are little bundles of joy and I can be trusted to care for them. It’s not an easy job as some people would think. Not all babies come out “healthy” some are born with defects and need special care and that’s where we come in. Before this class I just knew I wanted to be a nurse but I was lost with finding which nursing role was for me. I went through six different nurse titles and I believe this one suits me the best. Now that I know what kind of nurse I want to be I can make sure I’m taking all the right classes and working harder to become a nursery nurse. Becoming a Nursery Nurse takes training, experience and education. You would need working knowledge of health and safety, good communication skills, ability to work with a team, NNEB, CACHE level 3, NVQ level 2/3 or equivalent, previous experience working within a similar environment and a little bit more. You have to ask yourself am I physical, emotional and spiritual prepared to care for children, can I distract...
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