Nelson Mandela

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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Topic: The Autobiography of Nelson MandelaQuestions/Main Ideas:| Name: Kassandra Acuna Date: December 26, 12Notes:| | Born July 18, 1918 in Mvezo to the village chief Gadla Henry | A Country Childhood| Mphakanqiswa and one of his wives, | When he was born?| Nodekeni Fanny. Named Rolihlahla ("pulling the branches of trees", | | connotes troublemaker) |

| Mandela, later acquired clan name Madiba and given Christian name | | Nelson by first teacher.|
| |
| Gold mining at Witwatersrand (a ridge or reef S of J.) is a major draw | Johannesburg| for workers. Meets mining headman Piliso. Regent wants them | | returned but they refuse. Meet Dr. A. B. Xuma, president general of | | the ANC. More lies. Arrested for possession of NM's pistol. Meets | | Walter Sisulu, who runs a real estate office and helps him land a job | | with lawyer Lazar Sidelsky as an articled clerk. Moves in with Rev. J. | | Mathubo of the Anglican Church. More lies lead to his having to | | depart and move in with nearby Xhoma family. He continues to work | | at night with UNISA (Univ. of SA) to earn his BA. Meets fellow | | employee Gaur Radebe, a member of the ANC and prominent | | member of the communist party (CP). NM now 23 y/o. Sidelsky | | warns him to avoid politics. Nat Bregman becomes his first white | | friend and tries to convert him to communism, takes him to many | | meetings, which were mixed racial gatherings. Meets Michael | | Harmel. Leads a life of exhilarating relative freedom and poverty in | | Alexandra Township, where Africans could own property. | | |

Birth of a Freedom Fighter| Discussion of abuses of government, segregation, indignities. ANC | | creates a charter, African Claims. Walter's house is a mecca for | | activists. Meets Anton Lembede (a Zulu from Natal), who lectures | | against the black...
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