Martin Luther King

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Law, Nonviolence Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: May 3, 2013
1.Briefly describe the situation preceding Dr. King's arrest and what prompted him to write the letter. -Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested for demonstrating without a permit; his activities were described as “unwise and untimely”. He wrote the letter to show readers why he did what he did; he intended for his reasons to be known. 2.For whom does Dr. King initially write the letter? Who do you think eventually becomes his audience after being released from prison? -I believe the original audience of his letter was to his fellow people of his church. After he was released from prison, society as a whole became his audience. 3.According to the letter, why did Dr. King go to Birmingham? -He was invited to engage in a nonviolent direct-action program, but he was there because in Birmingham, there was injustice. 4.Discuss the four steps in nonviolent campaign.

-The first step is the collecting of facts to determine whether or not injustice exists. Birmingham is one of the most thoroughly segregated states in America and its status in widely known. The Negros there have experienced tough discrimination there. -The second step is negotiation. The merchants in the community would remove hateful signs in return for the leaders of the Alabama Christian Movement for Human rights to stop all demonstrations. The negotiation was broken when the signs remained. -The third step is self-purification. Determined for the movement to be non-violent, the people of the group underwent self-purification. It allowed them to clear their minds of all the ugliness and remind themselves of what was important and whether or not they were willing to pay the consequences. -The fourth step is direct-action. This step allows the people in the group to present their problem in such a dramatized way that it cannot be ignored. It forces the people who chose to ignore it before to confront the issue and open the door for negotiation. 5.Why is there a need to create nonviolent...
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