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Topics: Goal, Negotiation, Mediation Pages: 72 (22275 words) Published: February 3, 2013
The International Negotiations Handbook
Success through Preparation, Strategy, and Planning

A Joint Project from Baker & McKenzie and The Public International Law & Policy Group

The International Negotiations Handbook
Success Through Preparation, Strategy, and Planning

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The material in this volume is of the nature of general comment only and is not intended to be a comprehensive exposition of all potential issues, nor of the law relating to such issues. It is not offered as advice on any particular matter and should not be taken as such. The precedent documents included in this volume have not been prepared with any particular negotiation in mind. Baker & McKenzie, the editors and the contributing authors disclaim all liability to any person in respect of anything done and the consequences of anything done or permitted to be done or omitted to be done wholly or partly in reliance upon the whole or part of this volume. Before any action is taken or decision not to act is made, specific legal advice should be taken in light of the relevant circumstances and no reliance should be placed on the statements made or documents reproduced in this volume. Baker & McKenzie International is a Swiss Verein with member law firms around the world. In accordance with the common terminology used in professional service organizations, reference to a “partner” means a person who is a partner, or equivalent, in such a law firm. Similarly, reference to an “office” means an office of any such law firm. Copyright © 2007 PILPG and Baker & McKenzie The Public International Law & Policy Group and Baker & McKenzie encourage the use of this publication. Any part of the material may be duplicated with proper acknowledgement.

EDITORIAL BOARD Ethan A. Berghoff Michael J. Fieweger Thomas V. M. Linguanti Michael L. Morkin Angela C. Vigil Paul Williams, Executive Director, PILPG Meghan Stewart, Senior Peace Fellow, PILPG CONTRIBUTORS George Avraam (Toronto) Shane M. Byrne (San Francisco) Edward D. Burmeister (San Francisco) Tom Cassels (London) Brian J. Casey (Toronto) Nicholas F. Coward (Washington, D.C.) Andrew P. Crousore(Palo Alto) Lothar Determann (San Francisco) Robert Deignan (Chicago) Erin E. Dolly (San Francisco) Eliab S. Erulkar (New York) Peter Engstrom (San Francisco) George E. Fleming (San Diego) Richard Gough (Sydney) Matthew Gemello (Palo Alto) Charles Hallab (Chicago) James J Holloway (Toronto) Scott C. Hutchins (New York) George Kimball (San Diego) Roy J. Larson (Miami) Kathie J. Lee (Miami) John D. McDonald (Chicago)

Jennifer McVicar (Sydney) Edwin S. Matthews (New York) Janet Mills (Toronto) Linda Misetich (Toronto) Christopher C. Newmark (London) David Parham (Dallas) Thomas Peele (Washington, D.C.) Meloney Cargil Perry (Dallas) Melinda R. Phelan (Houston) William V. Roppollo (Miami) Eugene A. Rostov (Miami) Christina Sajous (Chicago) Andrew Salgo (Sydney) Jennifer A. Semko (Washington, D.C.) Maricela Siewczynski (Dallas) Abby Silverman (San Diego) Eileen Simpson (Washington, D.C) Effie D. Silva (Miami) Shannon D. Sweeney (San Diego) Gary Sprague (Palo Alto) Mark Taylor (Dallas) Eugene Theroux (Washington, D.C.) Justin M. Whittenburg (Houston) Keith L. Wurster (Palo Alto) David Zaslowsky (New York) Elizabeth Dallas, PILPG Melanie Nakagawa, PILPG Professional Sapna Lalmalani, PILPG Professional The Editorial Board would like to thank the members of Baker & McKenzie’s Chicago-office summer associate class of 2006, Esther Chang, Matthew Livesay, Christina Loukas, Truc Nguyen, Catherine O’Suilleabhain, Elias Sayegh, Erika Singer and Ruth Tomlinson, who assisted with the initial research for The Handbook. Finally, the Editorial Board would like to thank John J. Conroy, Chairman of Baker & McKenzie’s Executive Committee, and David P. Hackett, Managing Partner of its North American Region, for their continuing and unwavering support of this project and of all the Firm’s pro...
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