Negotiation Jujitsu

Topics: Negotiation, Getting to YES, Best alternative to a negotiated agreement Pages: 4 (813 words) Published: December 4, 2010
What if They Won’t Play (Use Negotiation Jujitsu)
Getting to YesNegotiating
Agreement Without Giving In By Roger Fisher and William Ury
Vikas Singh Ed Hill
What if They Won’t Play
• Theymaystatetheirpositioninunequivocal terms
• Concernedonlywithmaximizingtheirowngains
• Theymayattackyouinplaceofattackingthe problems
Three Basic Strategies
• What you can do
• What they can do – Negotiation Jujitsu
• What a third party can do – One Text Mediation Procedure Negotiation Jujitsu
Three Basic Maneuvers
• Asserting their position forcefully • Attacking your ideas • Attacking you Don’t attack their position, look behind it
• Neither reject nor accept the position • Treat it as one possible option • Look for interest and principles behind it • Think of ways to improve it Don’t defend your ideas, invite criticism and advice

• Invite criticism, instead of resisting it • Ask them what is wrong with a particular idea or an option
• Use their criticism and advice to find out their underlying interests and principles • Rework your ideas in light of what you learn
Recast an attack on you as an attack on the problem
• Resist the temptation to defend yourself or attack them
• Listen to them
• Understand what they are saying
• Recast their attack on you as an attack on the problem
Ask questions and pause
• Use questions instead of statements • Silence
One-text procedure
Call in a third party to:
• Separate the people from the problem • Direct the discussion to interests and options
• Suggest impartial basis for resolving differences
• Separate invention from decision making
How does a third party do this
• Asksabouttheinterestsratherthanpositions • Learnallabouttheirneedsandinterests • Suggest a provisional solution/recommendation • Askthemtocritiqueitorsuggestimprovements • Improvisetherecommendationinlightofinputs • Presentthefinalsolution Getting them to play: The case of Jones Realty and Frank Turnbull •$600 rent per month •Apartment under rent...
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