Negative Factors in Parents' Lives Affect Their Children

Topics: Emotion, Parenting styles, Childhood Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: November 8, 2012
Negative factors in parents' lives affect their children

When it comes to child's developmental factors, parents are the primary source of their growth. Why? According to a new study from a senior health and science correspondent at Reuters Sharon Begley (2011), negative factors in parents' lives, and parents' bad treatment of children might contribute to some serious negative effects on their children. These negative effects include social problems, emotional problems, and physical problems. First, bad parenting such as negative factors in parents' lives and bad treatment of children contributes to social problems in children. The problems of poor communication and lack of social skills might be caused by an authoritarian parenting style, which is based on strict rules that push children to get a higher level of achievement. (William, 2012) Take my cousin Yang as an example, when he was young, his dad always, strictly forced him to practice the violin every day after school for 5 hours. Every time he complained about the difficulty of playing the violin for such a long time, his dad shouted at him and locked him in the practice room. In the end, he had to obey everything his father said, and hardly communicate to his parents' after school, and even now he always lives in his own world, and don’t know how to communicate with others. In addition, strict parenting might make be hard for children to form a loving relationship with others. According to Begley (2011), "decades of research shown that when the parents' marriage is riven by conflict children grow up to be emotionally insecure and have difficulty forming loving adult relationships." The parents' conflict and problems affect children in a negative way by giving stress to their children's lives. In addition, Couples Counseling Associates, (2012) they usually don't learn good relationship skills from their parents because they seldom see them resolving their problems in a right way. To sum up, social...
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