Needs Assessment Integrated Curriculum

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Needs Assessment: Integrated Curriculum


EDA 524

Supervision of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment


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| Integrated curriculum is an educational approach that prepares children for lifelong learning. There is a strong | |belief among those who support curriculum integration that schools must look at education as a process for developing | |abilities required by life in the twenty-first century, rather than discrete, departmentalized subject matter. Thus, | |bringing together various aspects of the curriculum into meaningful association to focus upon broad areas of study. It | |views learning and teaching in a holistic way and reflects the real world, which is interactive. In general, integrated | |curriculum includes: combining subjects, emphasizing projects, linking concepts, creating flexible schedules/ groups, and | |using sources other than textbooks. Why is curriculum integration important for students in many school districts? It | |provides students with theme-based tasks as they relate concepts and ideas, and assessment is continuous, based on learning| |tasks. Additionally, it allows students to relate school activities to those outside of school, providing them with | |expanded ideas and the ability to listen to others. In turn, these positives attributes will, hopefully, result in more | |respect, responsibility, and cooperation among students. | |The three major components of integration are: instruction, hands-on curriculum, and parent involvement. Instruction is | |planned to accommodate individual interests, abilities, and rates of learning while fostering a climate of teamwork and | |mutual support. Students are grouped into heterogeneous, mixed-age classes that are taught by a two-teacher team. Students | |stay with...
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