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  • Published : March 25, 2012
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Pepsi’s Needs Assessment Paper
November 27, 2011
By: Krystal M. Jackson
HR 592
Professor: Bill Carnes

Every organization at some point must design a training and development program to make sure that the managers and employees get the skills that it would take to perform their job. In order to design a training and development program, the organization must conduct a need assessment. “Need assessment is the process used to determine if training is necessary; it also is the first step in the Instructional System Design model (Raymond A. Noe).” In order a training need assessment to be conducted, the training manager need to know the organization goals and objective, must know the jobs and its related tasks that need to be learned, must know the skills and competencies that are needed to perform the job, and also must know who will need to be trained. The need assessment has three levels of analysis such as organization analysis, individual analysis, and task analysis. Through this paper, there will be some discussion on the three levels of analysis and Pepsi’s training need assessment. Levels of Analysis

The first level of analysis is organization analysis. “Organizational analysis looks at the effectiveness of the organization and determines where training is needed and under what conditions it will be conducted (” Organizational analysis is identified by the environmental impact (OSHA, FMLA, etc.), changing work force demographics, changing technology and automation, political trends such as sexual harassment and workplace violence, and how effective is the organization in meeting its goals. Information needed to conduct an organizational analysis can be found through; strategic plans, turnover rates, accident reports, customer complaints, mission statements, cost of materials, audits, change in equipment, annual reports, and employees attitudes and...
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