Need for Quality Physical Health Education Programme in Nigeria

Topics: Education, Motor skill, Curriculum Pages: 6 (1907 words) Published: February 20, 2013
The paper focused on the Need for Quality Physical Education (PE) Programme in the Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme in Nigeria. It began with an observation on the inadequacy of precious educational systems which gave birth to UBE. Therefore, the paper attempted to answer the question – why there should be quality PE in the school. Furthermore, the paper examined roles of quality PE in the three Education Domains of Motor domain, cognitive domain and affective domain. The challenge of Quality Physical Education in the UBE programme was equally reviewed. The paper concluded that it is only the full implementation of its recommendation that would provide a lasting solution to the challenges of ensuring quality physical education programme in the UBE in Nigeria.

The previous systems of education that were operated in Nigeria were inadequate to meet the needs for self reliance and rapid economic growth. It was this inadequacy that gave birth to a new one. The Universal Basic Education, Basic education is foundation for sustainable lifelong learning. it provides reading, writing and numeracy skills. The programme provides a wide variety of formal/non-formal educational, activities designed to enable the learner to acquire functional literacy. Basic education in Nigeria context, according to Awosika (2005), includes primary, junior secondary, nomadic and adult literacy education, which focuses on enabling the recipients to live meaningful and fulfilling lives, contribute to the development of the society, and derive maximum social, economic and cultural benefits from the society and discharge their civic obligations competently.
The need for quality Physical Educational Programme offered in the Universal Basic Education (UBE) cannot be over-emphasized. Physical education programme which aims at developing a sound body in readiness for a sound moin has been described by many authors (Adedeji 1998, Ajisafe 1980, Anyanwu 1981, Awosika 1986 and Oyewusi 1992) as education through movement with the body as a vehicle. For several years, one of the goals of all concerned with the physical activity of children has been quality physical education offered daily in our nation’s schools. It is the right of the Nigerian child to be offered quality physical education. According to UNESCO 1978 in Awosika (2005), the International Charter of Physical Education and Sports declares that physical education and sports are fundamental rights for all, and specifically, that:

i.Every human has a fundamental right to access physical education and sports which are essential for the full development of personality. The freedom to develop physical, intellectual and moral powers through physical education and sport must be guaranteed both within the education system and in other aspects of social life. ii.Everyone must have full opportunities, in which national traditions of sports, for practicing physical education and sports developing physical fitness and attaining a level of achievement in sport which corresponds to inherent gifts. iii.Special opportunities must be made available for young people, including children of pre-school age, for the aged and for the handicapped to develop their personalities to the full through physical education and sports programmes suited tot their requirements.

For these reasons, the physical education curriculum must facilitate achieving National content standards for physical education. To accomplish this, Gallahue and Donnelly (2003) opined that the curriculum should include the following elements:

1.Fitness education and assessment to help children understand, improve, and/or maintain their physical well-being; 2.Instruction in a variety of motor skills that are designed to enhance the physical, mental, social and emotional development of every child; 3....
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