Need for Change

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Need for Change
Changes are simply a part of life, whether it is something major like a new school or job or as straightforward as a new shirt. The fact that changes can be unique as well as the individuals that they happen to, it is safe to say that the responses to changes will be quite varied. There will be individuals who are constantly seeking something new as well as the other end of the spectrum with some people being very resistant to change.

All change will be met with some form of resistance which could stem from a lack of trust or a belief that the change is unnecessary or not feasible (Yukl, 2006). The issue of trust or lack there of, often times, develops due to a breakdown in communication. This can be remedied by maintaining open lines of honest communication within the organization. Additionally, if a process is producing the intended results, there would be a disinterest in modifying the procedure. While the method might be meeting the current needs, there could be a reason in the near future to improve the process. The best way to approach this situation is to convey the reason behind the adjustment, and what the benefits will be for the individual as well as the company.

I am a very adaptable individual. I am very open to change as long as I understand the reason behind it, as well as the benefits. In my experience, this is the best way to influence those who are resistant. For example, if a change yields a financial benefit to the company, stating that, “The company will save money,” is usually sufficient enough for most individuals. But, it is important to know how the change will benefit the employee as well as the customer. Additionally, it has been my experience that honest communication regarding change, provides substantial relief from resistant individuals. Another effective way to get people to follow the change, is to simply lead them through it. By setting an example of the way things should be done, you are able to show that...
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