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Topics: Occupational safety and health, Risk assessment, Risk Pages: 25 (8545 words) Published: November 8, 2012
NEBOSH International General Certificate Paper 1 Management of Health and Safety Question and Answers 1. (a) Outline the importance of monitoring as part of a health and safety management system (Sept 2008) (6) (b) Identify the (i) active (proactive), and (ii) reactive measures by which an organization can monitor its health and safety performance.

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(c) Explain why monitoring reports should be submitted to the chief executive or managing director of the organization. (4) Answer: a) The importance of monitoring as part of a health and safety management system is it reinforces management's commitment to health and safety objectives; helps in developing a positive health and safety culture by rewarding good work; assures the compliance with the performance standards; identifies the areas for improvement; enables in making decisions for remedial measures for any identified deficiencies; assists in setting the targets for the future improvement of performance; it motivates managers and employees for better performance and continual improvement. b) (i) Active measures include safety inspections, surveys, safety tours, audits, sampling, health surveillance, behavioural observations, environmental monitoring, benchmarking with other organizations. Routine procedures to monitor specific objectives, regular review of performance; and recording of training needs; and delivery of suitable training. (ii) Reactive measures include the accident and ill health statistics, reporting of near misses and dangerous occurrences, reporting of property damage, actions taken by the enforcement authorities, number of civil claims, analysis of absences and lost time, analysis of costs involved in the incidents. c) There are number of reasons why monitoring reports should be submitted to the CEO or Managing Director. These include CEO is the ultimate responsibility to review the process, he has authority to take appropriate actions, he authorizes the resources necessary for implementation health and safety system, takes the disciplinary actions against employees where necessary and motivate staff with rewards.


2. (a) Outline the key features of (March 2009) (i) a health and safety inspection (4) (ii) a health and safety audit (4) (b) Explain how the findings of an audit may be used to improve health and safety performance. (12) Answer: 2 (a) (i) A workplace inspection involves physical inspection of a workplace, and the activities or equipment within it. It is generally carried out by supervisors and safety representatives at regular intervals and checklists are often used. The inspection looks for the unsafe acts and conditions and results in short report of its findings with suggestions for remedial actions to be taken. 2 (a) (ii) Safety audit is a systematic and independent examination of an organizations health and safety system, involving the use of series of questions and document examination to collect objective evidence. Audits aim for assessing the effectiveness and reliability of the system. Audits suggest the corrective action to be taken. It is carried out by trained auditors. (b) The findings of a safety audit may be used in a number of ways to improve health and safety performance, which include identifying strengths and weaknesses in the management system, identifying the compliance and non-compliance with the standards, identifying the remedial actions, enables the benchmarking with other organizations, assist in the continual improvement of the organization by regular audit intervals, assists in allocation and prioritize the resources, communicate these findings to the staff and the management, improve the health and safety performance etc.

3. Outline four proactive monitoring methods that can be used in assessing the health and safety performance of an organization. (8) Answer: Proactive methods that could have been outlined include, the audits which involve comprehensive and independently executed...
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