Nature of Thought Paper

Topics: Mind, Critical thinking, Thought Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: November 20, 2012
Nature of Thought Paper
Robert D. Morris II
University of Phoenix Online
PHL 251
Devon Smith

* Nature of Thought Paper
* The idea of thought in and of itself requires critical thinking to define. Thinking is an abstract concept that could take on virtually any definition provided to it. In fact, I quote something I once stated which was “Critical Thinking is our personal way of receiving information (whether it be verbal, written, visual, or received by one of our other senses), evaluating the information against our beliefs, experiences, situation, external factors and ultimately coming to a decision.” (Morris, 2012). * Having stated and quoted that, there are many times when my perception of a situation does not represent the reality of the situation. One’s personal influence on how they interpret facts and information through their cultural beliefs and emotions can have drastic impacts on the output and their view of the situation. I can remember back to a recent job I applied for. I was very interested in working for SAP America. I had been supporting SAP solutions at a public utility I had been working for, but I felt like at SAP I could make a larger impact. * Although SAP is a large company with many careers paths, there were two career paths I considered. The first was position as a consultant which is a position where I would help utility companies who have purchased the SAP software implement them. This was a position much closer to what I was already doing with my current company. The second and the one in which I applied for was a position where I develop solution suites and then demo the solutions to the utilities considering purchasing software to meet their business needs. * Upon researching the position, I had come to a specific understanding of what the role was and it turned out the role was much different than I thought. Why? It was most likely perceptual blocks that caused the disconnection. *...
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