Naturalpathic vs Homeopathic Health Care

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Homeopath and Naturopath Medicine

Homeopath and Naturopath Medicine
Before the practice of the traditional medicine that is used today there was Homeopath and Naturopath medicine; there is evidence of a growing acceptance and use of these more historical medicine practices being used in modern times. Homeopathy and naturopathic medicine practices have a great deal in common; however, there are distinct differences. Over traditional medicine practice and treatment, homeopath and naturopath medicine tend to treat the whole person that try to address the root of the medical problem instead of just treating its symptoms. Cranberry juice helps cure urinary tract infections, garlic is a natural antibiotic and has also been shown to help heart disease as well as other health issues; these two “cures” are just a sample of using a more holistic approach to treatment rather than prescribing a medication that can be purchased at the local pharmacy. Traditional physicians now prescribe natural based treatments like the garlic and another is fish oil. Knowing the difference between the homeopath and the naturopath practices when seeking medical help is advisable.

As stated by Martin Hughes, in his article “Homeopath vs. Naturopath”: ‘The terms "homeopath" and "naturopath" mean different things in different states. In states that license naturopathic doctors as primary care physicians, a practitioner of naturopathic medicine is known as a naturopathic physician. A naturopathic physician may practice homeopathy; homeopathy is one of several treatment modalities used by naturopathic physicians to address your health complaints. In these states, a person who has not obtained the degree of naturopathic doctor from an accredited four-year naturopathic medical school may practice homeopathy but is not permitted to call herself a "naturopathic doctor." In states that do not have a licensing process for naturopathic doctors, anybody---including lay homeopaths---can refer...
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