Natural Selection and God

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Once upon a time, God created a simulation video game based on evolution. It was a video game that gave the player (in this case God himself) many different ways on how to change the environment, along with other factors too. There were a type of species from the game’s selection of other species called Barbellus- which had an antennae and a fish tail. God decided to create a large number of these creatures that lived in the ocean of the video game. However, in this species’ early stages, both populations were simply known as Barbellus Primordius. As a storm that God created blew wind into the ocean, one-half ended up on shore, and the other half ended up in a different part of the ocean. As time went by, a couple of Barbellus Primordius on land became Barbellus Opticus, and another couple in the ocean became Barbellus Dorsalis. Some simply did not survive because they were not ‘fit’ enough- especially if they were forced out of their habitat if they had recessive traits (for example). Then God said, “Let there be reproduction because life is good. Be fruitful and multiply”. The two evolved populations, over time, found Barbellus of their kind to mate because God also created more Barbellus that adapted to their surroundings, and thought that evolution could be made possible through non- random mating. As the two types of evolved Barbellus maneuvered through their environment, they developed their anatomies more. At this point, the Barbellus Opticus was able to develop a segmented body with an abdomen, while the Barbellus Dorsalis was able to develop a pelvic fin. God noticed that some lived on because they were fit enough to survive for their environment- especially if they were fast enough, or were able to defend themselves for example. In a way, God noticed that alleles were being passed on from one type of Barbellus to another because natural selection was taking place. However, as God anticipated, he knew that evolution would occur thanks...
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