• Natural Disasters: How Do They Affect the Human Beings?

Topics: The Beach, Phi Phi Islands, Phuket Province Pages: 2 (883 words) Published: May 13, 2011
Reportage- Natural Disasters: How do they affect the human beings?

It is the 31 December of 2004. We are heading for a new year with new expectations,opportunities and goals. However we have experienced a Tsunami that just very recently struck Thailand. This has left some traces and marks. How has this natural disaster really affected the human beings? I am about to find out. As I walk the beach of Khao Lake I see destruction so far from the paradise pictures I am used of seeing. It is forenoon and I am about to meet a woman named Sashi Mouta. It is a strange and sad silence i can feel as I head towards the Hotel Sofitel. No one is at sight except some trucks standing here and there. The smell of fish I am used to dislike is gone, nothing else then gasoline is the only smell i get now. I am hoping Sashi will show up because it all indicates that there is no one around here. The Hotel Sofitel we are about to meet up in is almost entirely destroyed, I would hardly recognize it if it were not for its sign still barely hanging there. Sashi is early and when she sees me she raises up from the bench she was sitting in and gives me a warm hug. Thank you coming. My baby Kim here, she says. She shows the picture of her happy little 6-year old daughter at the beach taken one year ago. I notice Kim has the exact smile as Sashi. I notice it because Sashi lights up as she hands me the picture of her lost daughter. I begin to ask her about that day of the tsunami and how it started. Sashi takes a deep breath before hardly starting to retell it all. "Me and Kim did, she says and stops a moment to rethink. We were at the fishshop early and we did great selling that day. Many tourist had arrived the day earlier. We sold alot of fish, sold out completely everything very fast and needed more again. Just like any other day but this day seemed to start out really well I thought" What time was it when you were working I ask.

"We started at 11 am. My friend Tarik was going to...
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