Cherry Blossom

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I’m so depressed. I need to find myself. I cannot see the beauty of the world, the beauty of my family and the beauty of humanity. Why am I deprived to do what I want? How can I smile if all the sorrows lie in my shoulder? How can I stand if all the grievances in life are at my back- embroidered and embedded in my soul? I’m so tired of living. My beloved husband is between life and death. What will I do now? How can I find for those cherry blossoms that would cure his mysterious sickness? This is not the right time for me to quit. I need to be strong and to be brave enough. Tomorrow, I will start my journey. With my improvised hot air balloon, destiny will take me to Japan. I’ll be able to find there the cherry blossom that would bring back the vitality of my life- my husband. But for now, I need to sleep- I need to rest. I landed in a field near a beautiful mountain- perfectly shaped indeed. What a beautiful architecture by God? I was amazed and mesmerized by its magnificence. Wait. I can now remember this creation- yes, this is Mount Fujiyama. This is the most beautiful volcano in Japan. After gazing at the beautiful Mount Fujiyama, I gazed at the beautiful surroundings. It’s springtime and the green grasses and equally attractive wild flowers grew in the vast field. How playful is destiny? It took me in Japan without a map as guide. But I should not rejoice- I should not forget my mission… I should find the cherry blossom. I tied my hot air balloon in an apple tree. When I am about to make a step, I saw a huge wave rushing. God help me. It’s a tsunami. I have nowhere to seek for help. The wave is coming nearer and nearer. I’m shocked. I cannot move. However, someone grasp my hands and carried me. After a couple of minutes, I was now conscious. Thanks God I’m still alive. A handsome guy is in front of me. He saved my life. I asked him who is he and he said, “I’m Matsuo Basho”. I was shocked. The great Haiku writer saved me from death. I thanked him and he smiled back. He is about to go away when I asked him about the cherry blossom. He just laughed at me. “Why are you laughing”, I asked.

“Do you think that there are still cherry blossoms left?
The tsunami has just devastated them.
What will I do now? There are no cherry blossoms available. There’s no hope anymore. “Thank you Matsuo. I need to go. I need to go. I need to go back to the Philippines. “Ok, see you again and God bless you.”

I can now see the house where my husband is lying. But what is that strange mourn- crying so bitter as if she’s hopeless. I looked at my surrounding and I saw my friendly neighbor Teang. I was shocked by the sorrowful scenery- Teang is carrying the dead body of Dodong in her lap. Yes, Dodong is lifeless- he is dead. I stepped closer to where Teang is crying.

“What happened?” I asked her.
“He was shot by a stranger.” Teang cried with a sorrowful voice. “My God he’s still young. What will happen to his family now?” I cannot blame God. I know that He has a purpose and that He will not let Dodong’s family be in unending vain. Yes, there is hope. I need to travel again to search for the cherry blossom. I should not waste a single second. After preparing my hot air balloon, I went to see my husband. He is so ill. I didn’t notice that tears are already flowing from my eyes. That time, I come to remember what I saw earlier- the death of Dodong. I come to realize that their early marriage is not good. Teang and her children will suffer hardships in life. Good for Dodong that he was able to escape from his responsibility. Poor Teang… Poor Teang. Before leaving the Philippines to a place where destiny will take me, I kissed my husband saying, “I shall bring back the happiness.” I cannot see a single cherry blossom. Instead, what fulfills my thirst for those magnificent flowers are the many taxi, racing like blazing fires in anger. “You look sad Madam. Where is your destination?”He said. “What country is this? I asked.

“You’re in Singapore-...
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