Natural Disaster

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Natural Disaster
Everyone knows about flood, but did you being in that situation? Can you imagine how painful the victims feel? What is the things that we can do to help them or just sitting at home and watching the victims suffering from the flood? The effects of the natural disaster and measure taken to help the victims.

The effects of the natural disaster cause physical damage. For example, bridges, cars, buildings, sewer systems, roadways, canals and any other type of structure. More over, the victim’s shelter and properties also being damage because of the flood. Different types of flood causes different effects. The estuarine flood that commonly caused by a combination of sea tidal surges caused by storm-force winds can causes casualties.

The other effects are the contamination of water at the water supplies. The drinking water becomes scarce. This will causes diseases in unhygienic condition that will spread water-borne diseases. For example, amoebiasis (hand-to-mouth), cryptosporidiosis (oral), Microsporidiosis and other kind of diseases. The third effects is economics hardship that due to temporary decline in tourism, rebuilding costs, food shortage leading to price increase, especially to the poor. More over, the shortage of food crops can be caused due to loss of entire harvest.

The government needs to faster the measure taken to ensure that al the victims have a place to stay until the flood is over. In addition, the government needs to supply more clean drinking water and more food for the victims. Besides, we can do an activity to collect money for the poor condition family to rebuilt there shelter and properties.

The natural disaster is a very painful memory for the victims but with help of the government and the publics then the painful will become less.
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