National Service

Topics: Experience, Knowledge, Beggars Banquet Records Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: March 26, 2012
It is generally agreed today that national service is compulsory for each SPM leaver. National service was first started around the year of 2004. The SPM leavers are randomly selected to enter the national service. As directed by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia,it is compulsory for each selected youth to participate in this programme. Actions will be taken if they do not participate in it. I personally agreed that compulsory national service is good for the youth. One must admit that national service can bring so much benefits for them.

Let us start by considering the facts. The youth can fill up their time by participating in the national service. They can benefit their free time after their SPM exam with lots of activities arranged in the programme. Rather that loitering around, doing window shoppings, watching television, the youths can participate in many fun activities during the national service. They will not waste their time doing some useless activities. During the activities in national service, they will gain lots of knowledge, improve their health, gain new friends, and many more. Time is gold. So,the youths should always rember that time is so precious for them to fill it with useful activities. Furthemore,we should not forget that by participating in national service, the youths will receive a lot of experiences. During the programme, they will be taught by many experienced teachers. Maybe, some youths from urban-background have no camping experience. They,maybe do not know how to set up fire or cooking food. So, national service provides them with those, for them-unusual activities and experiences. They can learn new things that they do not know. Other youths can also teach them. This experiences can easily gain by them as most of activities held provide them from within and outside knowledge. I believe that participating in national service is good for them because they can gain lots of knowledge and experience during the activities....
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