National Park

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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National Park
After the dramatic battle of the Civil War, Pea Ridge National Military Park (PRNMP) was established in honor to those that fought in 1862. With just 4,300 acres where this significant battlefield takes place, people can visit this enormous park that is open every day. PRNMP has beautiful features where visitors can enjoy and have a pleasant visit because this park still preserves some of the things that were actually used in battle like cannons and rifles. The park also serves as an educational teaching for kids to know about the Civil War that was occurring in 1862, and the battle that soldiers were fighting persistently to win over Missouri’s destiny. But what it makes this state park so known by visitors are the museum, nature, and outdoor activities.

The park has an area where a small museum is placed for people, who are welcome, to come in and enjoy these features that contain important information about the battle. In addition, the park brought ten paintings into the museum which it has better improved people’s understanding of the battle since 2008, and the park will have another paintings by Andy Thomas to depict the Battle of Pea Ridge. Also, there is a souvenir store close to the museum so people can buy really nice things related to the Civil War. While visitors are in the museum, they can view a video called Thunder in the Ozarks that recalls the battle between the Union Army against the Missouri Guard; the video also serves as an introduction to explore the park. The museum was an idea to improve, to increase, and to raise the public’s experience in the park.

The nature in Pea Ridge Military Park is abundant in animals and many types of trees around the park where visitors can go through a loop trail which are made for people who do not want to tour all over the park. The wildlife of the park is composed from many animals like turkeys, raccoons, white tail deer, pigmy, cottonmouth, and timber rattlesnakes, as well as several...
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