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Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India 86, Sector -18, Institutional Area, Gurgaon- 122015 Website:

Dr. M.S.PUNIA EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR National Oilseeds & Vegetable Oils Development Board, (Ministry of Agriculture, Govt of India), FOREWORD India stands at sixth place in the world in energy need and overall demand of crude oil which is expected to rise annually by 5.6% upto 2011. The scenario of rising prices in the world oil market and respective foreign exchange cost are the main risk factors for Indian economy and social development prospects. Moreover, increased consumption and high dependence on non-renewable sources which substantially contributed to global warming and environmental pollution, presents a window of opportunity for looking at the alterative strategies to meet increasing energy needs. Bio-diesel, a renewable source of energy offers a great potential to ease and mitigate limitation and supplement supplies of fossil fuel. The demand and supply gap of fuel is bridged with the import of petroleum products. If the existing trend continues, the situation shall become more grim. Therefore, existing potential of alternative sources need to be trapped which are scattered across the country. Jatropha is one of the best alternative sources available for bio-diesel production and its potential needs to be explored. Jatropha (Jatropha curcas) belongs to Euphorbiaceae family is a fast growing shrub capable to grow and establish in tropical and subtropical region of the country and even on wasteland. It has various advantageous characteristic features viz. not browsed by cattle, best hedge plant, less gestation period (two years), capable to grow and II

establish in various biotic and abiotic stress conditions, high oil content (30-42% in seed), multiple uses including lubricant and illumination etc. Continuing efforts for bringing out various technical bulletins on various TBOs i.e. Neem, Jojoba, Wild apricot etc., the Board has brought out this technical bulletin covering all important technical aspects viz. habitat & occurrence, botanical features, soil and climate, propagation techniques, package of practices, flowering & fruiting, yield, post harvest technology, oil characteristics, physico-chemical properties & fatty acid composition, uses and economic feasibility of Jatropha cultivation. I hope this bulletin will definitely be helpful to the farmers, agricultural scientists, field workers and other functionaries, who are involved in the promotion of Jatropha. The result based technical informations will boost the potential of this important plant resulting in generation of additional income, employment, availability of indigenous petro-diesel substitute and reducing import burden etc. The suggestions of readers are welcomed to make this booklet more useful. I congratulate to the NOVOD Board officers and officials who are directly and indirectly involved in bringing out this technical publication successfully.

(M.S.Punia) Dated: 16th October 2007


JATROPHA An alternate source for biodiesel

R. S. Kureel C.B. Singh A.K. Gupta Ashutosh Pandey

National Oilseeds & Vegetable Oils Development Board (Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India) 86, Sector-18, Institutional Area Gurgaon - 122015 IV

An alternate source for biodiesel

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1. Habitat & occurance 1 2. Botanical features 1 3. Climate & soil 2 4. Propogation practices 2 5. Plantation practices 4 6. Flowering & fruiting 7 7 7. Yield 8. Collection & processing 7 9. Oil characteristics 7 10. Physico-chemical properties and fatty 8 acid composition 11. Uses 8 9-11 12. Cost-economics of jatropha cultivation __________________________


JATROPHA An alternate source for bio-fuel
Jatropha (Jatropha curcas) belonging to Euphorbiaceae family is a fast growing shrub. It can be cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the country and even on waste lands. Ratanjyot,...
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