National Mission for Green India

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Ministry of Environment and Forests

National Consultations

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Ministry of Environment and Forests

National Consultations

Consultation Organised by Centre for Environment Education

How to use this book 1. This is a draft mission document of the “National Mission for a Green India (or Green India Mission – GIM)” for public discussion and feedback. 2. It is also available at the website, ( You may send your feedback to 3. All participating stakeholder groups are requested to write their collated comments and feedback in the space provided in the book and return the copy to CEE staff at respective Consultation venues. Kindly write the names and contact details of participants from your group, on the page provided. 4. Incase you provide comments on a separate sheet/email please refer to section numbers on which you are commenting. 5. CEE will consolidate all comments received, and submit to the Ministry of Environment and Forests for finalization.



This Draft Mission Document has been prepared as a basis for discussion and feedback from all stakeholders. The Mission document will be finalized after a series of public consultations across the country. We welcome feedback on this document by email. Kindly send your comments to:

Executive Summary
A.Background The National Mission for a Green India, as one of the eight Missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC), recognizes that climate change phenomena will seriously affect and alter the distribution, type and quality of natural resources of the country and the associated livelihoods of the people. The Mission (henceforth referred to as GIM) acknowledges the influences that the forestry sector has on environmental amelioration through climate mitigation, food security, water security, biodiversity conservation and livelihood security of forest dependant communities. GIM puts the “greening” in the context of climate change adaptation and mitigation meant to enhance ecosystem services like carbon sequestration and storage (in forests and other ecosystems), hydrological services and biodiversity; along with provisioning services like fuel, fodder, small timber and NTFPs. The Mission aims at addressing climate change by: l enhancing carbon sinks in sustainably managed forests and other ecosystems; l enhancing

the resilience and ability of vulnerable species/ecosystems to adapt to the changing climate; and

l enabling adaptation of forest dependant local communities in the face of climatic variability.

B.Mission Objectives The objectives of the mission are three-fold: l Double

the area to be taken up for afforestation /eco-restoration in India in the next 10 years, taking the total area to be afforested or eco-restored to 20 million ha. (i.e., 10 million ha of additional forest/non forest area to be treated by the Mission, in addition to the 10 million ha which is likely to be treated by Forest Department and other agencies through other interventions).

l Increase

the GHG removals by India's forests to 6.35% of India's annual total GHG emissions by the year 2020 (an increase of 1.5% over what it would be in the absence of the Mission). This would require an increase in above and below ground biomass in 10 million ha of forests/ecosystems, resulting in increased carbon sequestration of 43 million tons CO2-e annually1.

l Enhance

the resilience of forests/ecosystems being treated under the Mission – enhance infiltration, groundwater recharge, stream and spring...
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