Global Green Case Study

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  • Published : April 6, 2012
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Throughout the world people are always talking about global warming and how the world has become so polluted. People often want to do something about it, they just don’t know what. That’s where Global Green USA comes into play. Global Green USA is a national environmental organization. The mission of Global Green USA is to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future. In order to do this the organization must understand if they have the right strategy and culture to perform as a highly innovative organization, potential conflicts within stakeholders, and positive impacts they can have on the natural environment. Positive impacts and sustainability often separates companies from success and failure. With that being said, Global Green USA has many activities and initiatives which appear to make a difference optimistically for the environment. One of the ideas that Global Green has going for them is the way they use celebrities to help get their points across. For example, they collaborated with actor Brad Pitt, who acted as jury chairman. By using a famous actor it draws more attention to the company and people are more likely to buy into the idea. In other words, Brad Pitt speaking out for the company is going to draw a lot more attention and success then if I were to get up and speak. This is just a simple idea that helps make a difference for a company like Global Green USA. More importantly, Global Green is rebuilding destroyed homes affected by natural disasters. At first glance people may think, big deal they are building something up that could have been done by any other company. The reason they are different is because they rebuild houses a certain way, the green way. This has such a positive impact on the community because not only are they saving people money, but they are helping clean up the environment with regards to toxic waste like carbon dioxide. In addition to rebuilding houses, Global Green has also done...
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