National Football League and Super Bowl Ads

Topics: Super Bowl, National Football League, Green Bay Packers Pages: 10 (1259 words) Published: February 3, 2013

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updated 3:25 PM EST, Sun February 3, 2013
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* Gun control
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* Alabama standoff
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* Mali
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* Super Bowl

Former Navy SEAL is killed at Texas gun range
Chris Kyle, who wrote a best-seller about his days as a sniper, was one of two men killed Saturday afternoon near Fort Worth, authorities say. A suspect is in custody. FULL STORY * Victim appeared on 'Conan'  

* Friend: He wanted to help people  
* Alabama hostage, 5, gets toys, chips
* Suspect thanked for caring for boy  
* Etch A Sketch creator dead at 86
* Bergen: Should we still fear al Qaeda?
* Panetta: We couldn't call 911 in Benghazi
* Blast, gunfire in Iraq police HQ attack
* Police: Blow to head killed U.S. woman
* N.J. paper: 'Doubts' about senator
* Malala talking after two surgeries
* No charges over Chris Brown fight
* Lt. gov. resigns after newspaper report
* Iran: Indirect nuclear talks to resume
* Truck nearly flattens motorcyclist  
* Man boots own car to prevent theft  
* Pastor uses God to dispute tip  
* Opinion: Why Rush gushes over Rubio
* Ticker: Perry opposed to gay scouts
* Could immigration plan end brain drain?
* Birds' synchronized flight dazzles  
* Opinion: Our computer codependency
* New England fisherman: We're doomed
* Women sue revenge porn website  
* I'm gay -- can I eat at Chick-fil-A now?
* Pet tortoises grab Web's attention
* 5 stories to follow at Super Bowl
* How to sound smart about game Time
* See Calvin Klein's racy undies ad  
* 10 players who could be game's MVP
* 'X-factor' players to keep an eye on
* Top games | Plays | Unlikely saviors
* Player's mom hasn't washed what?  
* Photos: By the numbers | Super Bowl I

Real heroes: Four died so others might live
While you watch the Super Bowl 'heroes' today, remember the four military chaplains who on this day in 1943 selflessly ushered soldiers on a sinking ship to safety, Bob Greene says. *  
| Photos: The 'immortal chaplains'|

Best and worst halftime shows

Ad costs, players' weight on the rise

Go Daddy ad: 'When sexy meets smart'1:05

A bright spot in NFL's diversity struggles

11 healthy Super Bowl snacks

New Orleans rebuilt and ready4:15

Murder, life sentence and change of heart

Unseen photos: The Beatles

With river blindness, 'you never sleep'

Flute turned in at gun buyback1:23

Lawrence reacts to dress malfunction3:21

Distraction: Pit bull pup uses treadmill1:00


Pres. skeet shooting and wing crisis
This week on 'OutFront'

Ted Nugent goes 'OutFront' on guns
NRA supporter & rockstar

Cooper, Gupta, Toobin, Gray on guns
Hangout with Anderson

Senator says no to Hagel: OutFront
Hagel: "Weak and wobbly"

Gates on immigration
High talent 'held hostage'

Opens up about Michael's death
Joe Jackson exclusive

Surfer may have broken 77 ft. record
He describes intense ride

Rep. Clouse on 'Starting Point'
'Holding on by a thread'

State searching for pot czar: OutFront
WANTED: Pot consultant

Sandy Hook victim's dad speaks out
Supports 2nd Amendment

TechShop on 'The Next List'
Club for innovators...
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