National Farm and Garden

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  • Published : January 17, 2011
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National Farm And Garden, INC., Marketing problem Losing the leading position as a number one supplier of farming equipment, National Farm and Garden, Inc. or NFG is currently facing problem with the company reputation and trust. The company had launched design defect products (Turbo Tiller), which caused consumer’s injury and ended up in a scandal. The causes of design defect came from various reasons such as, the declining sales, which led to the planning of unrealistic product launch and schedule, Organization ethical issues, and lack of communication within the organization. (See appendix 1 for summary) Immediate Action/ Short term plan First of all, company have to think about the company image from the ruined situation happening to the injured person and to express company sincerity. NFG firstly should to take the responsibility on that particular issue by helping the sufferer with medical fee or damages. Then the next action is to contact all customers who have purchased the defective model, acknowledge them about the problem and send out staffs to customer’s house for free installation of a new workable part. After that the process of giving them the knowledge of how to use the product in the right way is settled in order to avoid any mistakes or loss occurring later on. However, the company has to make sure that the unqualified products sold to retailers are revoked and new modification items are replaced. Mid term plan In doing this, NFG have to do more on market research to see what are the real need, and study more about consumer insight before launching new product even once that product have already been launched. A re-defined KPI for each employee is needed. Every employee is required to hold on to 2 sets of KPI. The first set is coperate KPI. This is the KPI that shares by everyone in the firm, for example ethical work, product quality, stakeholders’ benefits etc. The second set is the individual KPI, this is based on department’s objectives and...
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