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The 1987 Philippine Constitution affirms that education is the birth right of all Filipinos. This means that education should be available to all Filipinos whatever their age, creed, abilities, social and economic status. Educating all Filipino is very great challenge to our educational system. Addressing this Constitutional pronouncement need the dedication and commitment of all teachers that considerably carries the responsibility and accountable to process learning and see to it that pupils attained satisfaction of their rights regardless of their age, creed, abilities, social and economic status. To determine the child’s performance and competence of teacher standardized test as NAT is the high-flying instrument to measure both performance. The bases whether pupils perform well and mastered the required competencies of said school which also the manifestation of the quality of the teachers present in a particular school, and assumption to be competent in local , national, and global viewpoint.

Statement of the Problem
This study sought to describe and analyse the performance of Del Hilado Elementary School (DES) grade III pupils in Science on the National Achievement Test (NAT) for the SY 2010 – 2011. Furthermore, this study aims to trace up the history of performance of Del Hilado Elementary School (DHES) grade III pupils in National Achievement Test (NAT) three years backward and to determine the competency that mostly grade III pupils find hard to master. Finally, design an intervention program that focuses the grade III pupils to get grips the competency. Specifically, the study answered the following questions:

1. What is the relationship of teaching strategies to the performance of Del Hilado Elementary School Grade III pupils on the NAT? 2. What is the relationship between the School’s Post-test in Grade III in Science as measured by the Nat? 3. How is Science taught in school?

Scope and Delimitation

This study is primarily concern with the performance of Del Hilado Elementary School (DHES) grade III pupils in Science of the National Achievement Test. In particular with the competency of Science which pupils find difficulties to be au faith with.

In addition this study aims to ascertain the causative factor of the low performance of Del Hilado Elementary School of grade III pupils in Science on National Achievement Test (NAT). * Teachers’ competence

* Materials
* Assessment tools and facilities

Significance of the Study

This study provide insights to the school administrator to be focus and develop a leadership style that would encourage everyone, brought awareness the problem that causes the deterioration of the performance of Del Hilado Elementary School (DHES) grade III pupils on the National Achievement Test (NAT) predominantly in Science. Through this document teachers will able to reflect, evaluate her/his failures and made necessary variation to be effective.

The result of this study will also serve to gain more insights for the principal and teachers to work with the following: 1. Bringing classroom level to national level

2. Improve performance of Grade III pupils in Science

3. Enhance teachers' strategies in teaching Science.

Consequently, generates concerted effort and mutual furtherance among the school personnel and apparently parents.

Definition of terms

Standard deviation – a measurement of variability and clustering around the mean. Mean – also known as the arithmetic mean, a value that helps summarize an entire set of numbers. A set’s mean is calculated by adding the numbers in the set together and dividing their sum by the number of members of the set. Mean Percentage Score (MPS) – mean divided by the number of cases times 100. NAT – National Achievement test standardized test that administered by the national to measure the pupils’ mastery in the competency...
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